Specjaliści od wsparcia sprzedaży

3m projekt sp.j.

ul. Żurawia 71A
15-540 Białystok

Dział Obsługi Klienta:

Robert Sieńko
New Business Director
tel. 608 651 588

Marta Greś
Account Manager
tel. 664 119 745


Promotional activities

We support the brands in their tactics, help to achieve their goals in certain circumstances, especially when reality changes dramatically and the clock is ticking. When you need to launch a product, sell more or faster or cleverly assemble the missing link in a wide spread advertising campaign, act speedy and effectively.


LIRENE. Comprehensive implementation of consumer competitions.



SC Johnson. Comprehensive realization of the competition for consumers.



BOSCH. Comprehensive implementation of the competition for consumers with Kakadu stores.



ARLA FOODS. Realization of the competition for Apetina brand, w Tesco stores.



SC JOHNSON. Realization of consumer competitions in Tesco stores.



BOSCH. Comprehensive service of the SMS contest.


Akcje promocyjne_BSH_Zysk na czysto


BOSCH. Comprehensive realization: receipt and handling of applications, database maintenance, verification of applications and handling of problem reports, transfer handling and reporting.



BOSCH. Comprehensive service of the SMS contest. Creation of a platform, verification of contest entries (database support, contact with participants, documentation) and the resolution of the contest, awards and reporting.


Akcje promocyjne_Lirene_Fashion Tour

LIRENE. Organization of the “Fashion Tour” competition. Scope of implementation: from verification of the database to the resolution of the competition; organize and carry out shopping with a professional stylist.




ENERGIZER. Contest “Czas na cyfrowe”. Range of activity: creating a platform for SMS lottery draws, carrying out lottery under the supervision of an authorized body, contacting winners, collecting data and shipping prizes.


Junkers_Plakat i ulotka


JUNKERS. Comprehensive support of the contest for the final clients and installers. Range of activities: receiving and handling applications, maintaining a database,  verification of declarations, shipping and problem solving serice, reporting.


Laboratorium_DrEris_sklep copy


DR IRENA ERIS.Comprehensive support of the SMS contest. Range of activities: creating a platform, reviewing proposals, settling the contest, shipping prizes and reporting.



COTY POLSKA. Carrying out loyalty scheme “Badz piekna na wiosne” addressed to retailers. Range of activities: prize catalogue, receiving and handling applications, maintaining a database, ordering and distribution of prizes, record keeping and reporting.