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3m projekt sp.j.

ul. Żurawia 71A
15-540 Białystok

Dział Obsługi Klienta:

Robert Sieńko
New Business Director
tel. 608 651 588

Marta Greś
Account Manager
tel. 664 119 745


Brand space

Brand space is a whole different world created inside the store, with the ambience, appealing interior, functional architecture. It’s also carefully planned communication system that builds brand awareness and helps customers locate the product and make purchasing decision. Creating such space requires knowledge, experience and imagination.


Comprehensive realization of Iwostin and Emolium brands in Super-Pharm pharmacies.



Projects and comprehensive realization of Velvet brand space in Tesco stores.


Przestrzen Marki_Nestle_Winiary


Przestrzen Marki_Nestle_Winiary_2



NESCAFÉ. Projects and comprehensive realization of the WINIARY brand space and sweet brands.


Przestrzen Marki_Tesco_LeClerc_Radom_3


Przestrzen Marki_Tesco_LeClerc_Radom_2


… and realization:

Przestrzen Marki_Tesco_LeClerc_Radom

Children’s World in LECLERC Radom. Visualization of the design of the commercial space together with comprehensive realization.

Przestrzen Marki_Tesco_Kapelanka

Visualization of the KIMBERLY-CLARK brand in the TESCO trade alley.


Przestrzen Marki_Tesco_Rzeszow

Children’s World at TESCO – comprehensive realization of the brand space: from feasibility studies through inventories, technological and construction projects, graphic designs, production and comprehensive assembly.


Przestrzen Marki_Nestle_Tesco_Ken

Visualization of the NESCAFE brand in the TESCO hall.


Przestrzen Marki_Uniliever_Alejka_DOVE

UNILEVER. DOVE – brand space projects.

Przestrzen Marki_BSH_Showroom_2


Przestrzen Marki_BSH_Showroom

BSH. BOSCH brand showroom. Projects and visualizations.