Specjaliści od wsparcia sprzedaży

3m projekt sp.j.

ul. Żurawia 71A
15-540 Białystok

Dział Obsługi Klienta:

Robert Sieńko
New Business Director
tel. 608 651 588

Marta Greś
Account Manager
tel. 664 119 745

About us

Sales support is our specialty.

We create eye-catching graphics, adopt communications for global brands for advertising campaigns and POS materials.
We design exciting and functional constructions – both small forms and impressive multi-pallet buildings.
We produce in various technologies – from individual units in digital technology to millions on flexo machines.

Years of experience resulted in understanding, knowledge, skills and general know-how to maximise productivity. Our Clients appreciate agency’s work ethos, just as much as its expertise. ASAP is our ABC in catching up with market tendencies, accomodating its fluctuations and adapting accordingly. By observing trends, costs and consumers’ response, we gather information on how our implementations work in real life and make it a valuable lesson.

With each following project we have more and more enthusiasm. What’s more, it is contagious! Clients’ satisfaction and measurable profits is the best fuel for tackling new challenges and meeting their expectations.

We invite you to partner with us!

25 years of experience

50 Clients

Hundreds of projects (each of them top notch)!