We support marketing and trade marketing departments in planning consumer activities and product displays at their POS.

Depending on budgets, we provide single projects or comprehensive brand service. This might include designing modules for trade press as well as handling campaigns involving many advert formats and POS materials.

We translate digital concepts into real products and develop them for production. We deliver materials to clients’ warehouses or assemble them at the points of sale. We follow trends, new technologies, and consumer responses each and single day. We draw conclusions and continuously improve the quality of our projects.

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  • 150 +

    satisfied clients

  • 29 years

    on the market

  • 1200 +

    designs per year

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members say of everyday challenges

Mariusz Mojsak
Managing Director

We love to work with the same brands for years. This way we can understand them inside out and fully commit. We learn the language the brands speak to seduce consumers and we create fascinating projects along with our clients.

Robert Sieńko
New Business Director

We observe customer behaviour at the point of sale and how they respond to impulse messages.
We use what we’ve observed to create even better products at the junction of brand and consumer issues.

Mietek Legus
Art Director

The graphics we create with our clients should be eye-catching, but more importantly, they should get the message across and evoke the intended consumer reactions.

Grzegorz Nowicki
Senior Graphic Designer

I never thought it would take so many years to perfect our craft.

Marta Greś
Senior Account Manager

Delivering high-quality designs on time is not just a matter of ambition, it’s also a type of contract. It gives you a chance to work with clients for many years and have relationships that go beyond work.

Michał Rydz
Graphic Designer

Be creative and fast. You need to either love this job or you’d better go into carpentry right away.