CEDC International is the largest global vodka producer. In Poland, it offers such well-known vodka  brands as Żubrówka, Bols Platinum, Soplica and Absolwent as well as coloured spirits such as Grant’s whisky, Glenfiddich and Tullamore Dew, Metaxa and Jȁgermeister, just to name a few.


Surprise your customer with a gift

It was the Grant’s brand (one of the three most popular whiskies in Poland) that asked us to design a series of gift boxes offering consumers an extra value in the form of glasses and flasks. 

Our first designs were an attempt to move away from the brand’s conservative colours. The use of white in the background, openwork lettering, custom windows and modern decorative details were all meant to make it stand out.

Grant's - giftbox - visualisation

However, after consultations with the brand’s global marketing specialists, the client opted for a conservative approach. The “window” concept was based on the logotype  “shield”, while the window opening was placed in the centre of the front panel. This guaranteed the greatest box structure strength and optimised production costs.

The next stage was the selection of appropriate (in accordance with the brandbook) colours, decorative details and messages. The triple aging process in barrels made from different wood types is a message that should have been taken as a major differentiator.

Grant's - giftbox - visualisation

After some experiments with motifs and embellishments, the whole graphics concept was simplified even further. This made it easier for the consumer to perceive the whole package. 


Printing and prepress for branded spirits is truly state-of-the-art. This was also the case here. The printing was made on chromolux (which is cardboard coated with silver foil) and all additional effects were achieved through Pantone colours and spot UV varnish.

Later on, at the customer’s request, we added lace background embossing to the carton.

Grant's - giftbox - visualisation


Giftbox for Tripple Wood was the first in the series. Next, we designed cartons for 8YO and 12YO whiskies and prepared them for printing.

Giftbox for Grant's whisky

PS. The customer was so satisfied with the effect that we were engaged to prepare another series of decorative cartons. The first of these has been launched recently.

Grant's - giftbox - visualisation

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