Animex Foods is the largest meat company on the Polish market. It specialises in the production of pork, poultry meat and meat preparations. Its portfolio includes such brands as Krakus, Morliny and Berlinki.


To design POS materials and prepare them for production intended for activation in Auchan, Carrefour and Kaufland retail chains. Final result: 15 layouts for various media in dozens of sizes.

Challenge 1:

Adaptation of the current Key Visual, prepared mainly for ATL and digital purposes, to be used in a shop setting. 

The first few sketches using the original KV revealed that the visibility of the communication in the shop setting was severely limited due to the light background colours. After further testing, the client decided that the dominant colour on the POS materials would be changed to the brand’s generic dark blue. That was the starting point for designing all the sizes and it was the reason behind the excellent visibility of the POS in shops.

Image – KV original, gate design against the light background and the final design

krakus - gates to the category
krakus - gates to the category

Challenge 2:

To translate the colour from KV to POS materials printed in various technologies 

The original gold colour used by the customer for the logotype on the packaging is applied using a hot-stamping process (i.e. hot foil stamping). However, this technique cannot be used for POS materials, which are printed mostly digitally. As it turned out, you cannot achieve a satisfactory result by simply transferring the gold colour into CMYK or even Pantone coats. This is why we tested a lot of versions with different colours and gradient variants on the letters. We were able to gain a satisfactory result based on the cromalin prints.

Image – colour versions from cromalin prints 

krakus - POS materials

You need to add a picture with the colours that were finally selected.

Challenge 3:

Campaign Timing

For the promotional campaign carried out in three large retail chains, we needed to design and prepare a large number of media for printing. 

This job was even more complicated as some of these media came in very different formats (such as sensor gates covers or floor stickers). In the end, we had as many as 15 layouts created in 40 different sizes! Below you will find drafts of some of them:

– Category gates and floor stickers 

krakus - gates to categories and floor stickers

– Shelf stoppers/flags and shelf talkers

krakus - shelfstoppery

– Sensor gates covers (alarm media)

krakus - overlays for sensomats

– Entry door graphics (door media)

krakus - door media

The finishing touch was added in a form of press ads and in-store screens animations.


The graphics were delivered to the producers as scheduled. The campaign was implemented as planned in all hypermarkets. Thanks to its scale, it was one of the most visible activations within the pre-Christmas season, which is the all-important season for retail. 

PS. We have perfected the handling of large campaigns thanks to orders from such clients as Nestle and Danone. The knowledge of the media, production processes and excellent contacts with the agencies operating the networks (Instore Media and POS media) enables us to reduce the processes to an absolute minimum. It also means our clients do not need to resort to campaign intermediaries. 

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