Henkel Polska Laundry & Home Care is a division of an international corporation that has been active on the market since 1876. In Poland, it runs a detergent factory in Racibórz. Its portfolio includes such brands as Persil, Silan, Somat and Bref.


Stand out!!!

For the launch of Persil Against Bad Odour DISC, the client asked us to design a pallet box to be displayed in the modern channel. 

Unfortunately, the products from the highly competitive and still growing liquid laundry detergent capsules segment are visually quite similar to each other. 

Therefore, one of the main differentiators for this campaign was the distinctive shape of the new capsule/disc. 

Additional requirements for the display were that it should be easy to transport and assemble and that it could be produced in a limited number at a “reasonable price”.

The natural choice of raw material for the design was cardboard and digital printing technology – mainly due to the exposure time and the planned unit budget. 

The theme of the display was, of course, capsules. It was this detail and the background elements from the packaging that enabled us to bring to life an idea that had been on our minds for some time. With the right graphics and two display planes, a spatial topper would give you an impression of space and three-dimensionality. 

Persil - visualization

It all required an analysis of motifs and shapes, several hours of work on the 3D model, then some construction details and finally – the graphics. 

The effect was truly impressive, which was confirmed by a 1:1 scale model.

Persil - project 3D


The time we had to work on the project was quite short, given the nature of the task. What was important was effective cooperation with the client, accurate modifications and quick decision-making at the approval stage.

Simple assembly method and handy transport boxes were appreciated by the client’s sales force implementing the project in many hypermarkets throughout Poland that had not been part of the plan before.

This form of display also appealed to retailers, hence the several prints for more and more retailers.

Persil - exhibition - visualization and ready implementation

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