Reckit Benciser is a company distributing in Poland such well-known brands as Durex, Scholl, Calgon, Nurofen or Strepsils. As part of our work to develop the condom category at Carrefour chain, the client engaged us to design a new display for this product group.


To begin with, the display was to stand in one of the most prestigious locations, namely the Carrefour Złote Tarasy shopping gallery. The great location brings great responsibility!

Other customized solutions of other well-known brands have already been implemented there. It included such examples as a majestic Żubrówka “tree” standing there in the liquor aisle. Evidently, the bar was set very high.

Durex - miejsce ekspozycji

The first problem was that so far, there had been no communication with this category name operating in the Polish retail business. As such, we could not display the message on the shelf topper, which is usually a natural choice in such cases.

Durex - regał - wizualizacja
Durex - regał - wizualizacja

Another difficulty was that the display was intended to be placed at the end of low racks. As a consequence, we could not count on economies of scale (like alcohol brands did). We needed a different solution to attract buyers’ attention.

An “unusual” theme tempted us to go with some out of the box solutions. However, some of them turned out a bit too daring.

Durex - regał - wizualizacja

Others, on the other hand, were not visible enough: 

Durex - regał - wizualizacja

In the end, together with the client, we opted for a more subdued solution, highlighting the form with light and adding some movement onto the shelves. 

The colour animation on the edges of transparent shelves and the dynamic form of the illuminated frame improved the visibility of the whole development in the crowded shopping setting.

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The client and the retailer were very satisfied with the effectiveness of the sales from the first display that was implemented there. Since then, several new locations and design variants have already been added. 

Now, depending on the location, we already have the high end options: 

Durex - Zabudowa końcowki regału z systemem półek świecących - produkcja i implementacja

…but also very narrow and shallow ones

Durex - regał

However, they all have one thing in common – they sell effectively. 

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