More and more often, retailers are giving their suppliers a chance to design and implement a complete customer experience with a brand or category.

Such designed in-store space with clear and visually appealing navigation can increase sales in a category by 10+ per cent. This is why these projects are a big challenge for clients and their agencies. Take a look at our designs. 

Why is it worth having us make complete branding of a point of sale?

We have very extensive experience in this type of projects. Throughout the design process, we combine all sides of the project, namely client’s departments (trade marketing, marketing, category, sales representatives) and retailer’s departments (merchants, visual marketing). We do detailed stocktaking; we design effective 3D visualizations for sales negotiations; we advise on raw materials and technologies; we apply due diligence to manufacture and assemble things.

See examples of realizations

  1. Nałęczowianka - projekt oznakowanie kategorii - koncept
  2. Nestle - projekt nowej kategorii "śniadanie" na stacji Statoil
  3. Emolium - projekt oznakowania marki w sieci Super Pharm
  4. Nutricia - projekt oznakowania kategorii baby w sieci Carrefur
  5. LeifHeit zabudowa regału
  6. Lion projekt bramy
  7. Tefal branding regału
  8. Tesco - projekt oznakowania kategorii baby w sieci Tesco
  9. Winiary - projekt oznakowanie kategorii dań instant w sieciach
  10. Kontigo - projekt oznakowanie kategorii kosmetyków azjatyckich
  11. Tefal - projekt oznakowania marki w sieci Carrefur
  12. Purina - projekt zabudowy kategorii
  13. Tullamore projekt regału
  14. Dove - koncept widoczności marki w sieci Carrefur
  15. Velvet - projekt oznakowanie kategorii w sieci Carrefur
  16. Rossman - projekt oznakowania marki własnej w sieci Rossman
  17. Iwostin - projekt oznakowania marki w sieci Super Pharm
  18. Nutricia - projekt oznakowania kategorii żywności dla dzieci w sieci Stokrotka
  19. Bonduell - projekt oznakowanie nowej kategorii " świat żywności roślinnej " w sieci Carrefur

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