For the fourth year in a row, I have been compiling a list of the best POS materials based on votes cast by the people who had their say in discussions that followed my posts on LinkedIn. Throughout the year, I present there the most interesting POS materials that I come across directly in stores, at trade fairs, and in online publications.

Unfortunately, the year 2020 was not very kind to the offline shopping market. All the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns caused a considerable reshuffle on the market (I wonder whether this will be just a temporary phenomenon). Polish people went shopping less frequently (down by 12%). We came to prefer other distribution channels than before (discount stores +18%; local supermarkets +16%; small format chain stores +12%).

Obviously, it must have also affected the number of POS materials that were implemented on the market. Fortunately, it did not affect their quality.

Check it out yourselves.

Rank 10: 71 votes – Almette Shelfstopper 

A flag aka a shelf stopper with lottery messages. The rotating element is a piece of the wooden house that is the grand prize. In my opinion, this is a manufacturing and design masterpiece! As you can see, an experienced manufacturer can do wonders with cardboard.

Rank 9: 81 votes – Lego pallet display

This piece deserved special mention.

The very simple design is spacious enough to house three displays. It also leaves plenty of space for Easter and branded communications. The “egg” is really big and you can see it from far away. In addition, it is pretty solid and mounted precisely.

Rank 8: 83 votes – Żubrówka Dębowa shelf display

It is always a challenge to get additional branding in such a limited space as a shelf. Here, the main benefit, which is extra aging in oak barrels, is presented very clearly. This process is distinctly communicated by the bottom of the barrel serving as background to the bottles on display. The entire message also gains more visibility with additional LED lighting.

PS. Let me add modestly that it was our agency that was behind this design.

Rank 7: 95 votes – Nesquik dispenser

Some products are just meant for cross-selling in complementary categories. All you need is the right display tool. Nesquik understands this perfectly. Although large packets may seem to be clunky chunks difficult to hang, they fit right in on this milk rack!

Rank 6: 99 votes – Pommels display

Lorenz Pommels recorded a 46% increase in sales by using this particular display in its in-store campaign. Not surprisingly, the design made it to the finals of POPAI German. The post-competition exhibition of the awarded projects could be seen during Euroshop 2020.

Its design, which is reminiscent of a rattan rocking chair, was a great eye-catcher, also for exhibition visitors. Please note that this is still a quarter of a palette format! Admittedly, it’s very high in terms of Polish market conditions. Much to my unceasing surprise, it is extremely poorly stocked. However, this is the trend I have been observing in German stands for a long time – it is the branding and image that comes first, and only then do you think of the number of faces and the capacity!

Rank 5: 112 votes– BURN display staging

83% of the information we receive is via sight. According to the studies on the human eye functioning, it is movement that attracts our attention most. The designers of this Burn POS must have been well aware of that. The structure is placed high up, so it is clearly visible even from a distance. An element that is “behaving” so oddly in a static store environment cannot escape the attention of passing customers. The device is quiet and it even illuminates the fluttering fabric (although, unfortunately, this effect is lost in bright fluorescent light).

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Rank 4: 114 votes – Prepacked quarter Princessa display

The designers got a really big packshot by separating two shelf modules with a cardboard wafer. This makes the “appetizing” message of this display impressive! In addition, it has a great design idea – the wafer is movable and you can hide it for transport within the pallet, which simplifies logistics considerably.

Rank 3: 154 votes – Coca-Cola and Bakalland display

It’s a perfect set of products for Coke + popcorn cross-promotion!

There is also a movie theme in the graphics! The only thing I find missing is the information on the flyer about some sort of promotional price on selected VOD movies. Well, these days you can’t eat anything in cinemas whereas at home, on the couch, in front of the TV – it’s just the opposite…

Seriously though, congratulations to the two brands for the initiative, getting along, and for an impressive display.

Rank 2: 160 votes– Persil pallet stand

Effective pallet island signage should meet several conditions:

  • First, it should be surprising for the customer so it must be a design that is impressive “at first sight”. 
  • Second, it must carry a clear message i.e. the graphics should clearly communicate the benefits of the product.
  • Third, the whole thing should be easy to assemble – after all, sales representatives have other things to do besides folding cardboard “origami”.
  • Last but not least, the cost of its production cannot be outrageously high – in the end, as promotions are one or two weeks long only.

I believe all of these conditions have been met in this project. Let me add, with no modesty at all, that we are the authors of both the design and production of this stand.

Rank 1: 196 votes– Pedigree dump bin

Well-designed graphics work wonders! Please note the brush head, which is the topper part of this dump bin. From a distance, it gives you the impression of being a complex piece made up of smaller details. In reality, it is a simple cubic block, only with very clever graphics that fool the eye and give you the impression of complexity…

This “spatial” brush plus the “spatial” packaging make for a very interesting POS material out of an otherwise standard product like a dump bin.

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