Carlsberg Polska is the third-largest player in the Polish brewing industry. It owns three breweries, namely Kasztelan, Okocim and Bosman. Its portfolio includes such brands as Kasztelan, Okocim, Harnaś, Carlsberg and Garage.


A new better taste or a lottery?DesigningKey Visual for in-store communication 

Packaging rebranding combined with a new better taste recipe is an excellent opportunity for increasing the brand activity in all areas of communication with the customer. Obviously, it also applies to activities at the point of sale, which is the place where the contact can trigger a direct impulse to buy. 

What should you prioritize in this situation? Is it the taste or perhaps the communication of the lottery accompanying the relaunch?

In this case, the best solution is to prepare different versions of designs and test them. Such tests should be done on target formats, as the size of POS material has a big impact on readability, especially since 20% of the total advertising space in the alcohol category is intended for legal information.

Harnaś - opakowania

In the beginning, we focused mainly on highlighting the label details and looking for the clearest slogan describing the NEW TASTE in line with the brand book. 

Harnaś - materiały POS

Next, we combined both important messages, namely the New Taste and the lottery.

Harnaś - materiały POS

All that led us to abandon the New Taste communication in its entirety in favour of a bottle cap lottery. A coincidence?

Definitely not. Sometimes it is just better to focus on the message that will trigger the best sales push.

However, to make this decision, it is worth exploring other design options. Then, the decision is more rational.

Harnaś - materiały POS

The project included launching a set of POS materials on the market:

– A pallet wrapper and gate

Harnaś - projekt ekspozycji paletowych

– Box hangers and toppers 

– Pallet developments for C&C halls

Harnaś - konstrukcje paletowe do hal C&C

This design was the beginning of our collaboration both with this one and other Carlsberg brands such as Kasztelan and Garage.

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