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What do we do?

  1. Projektowanie grafik
    Offline and online graphics See details
  2. Projektowanie materiałów POS
    Designs of POSM See details
  3. Projektowanie form sprzedażowych
    Designing sales forms See details
  4. Prezentacje i animacje
    Presentations and animations See details
  5. Opakowania nakładowe, opakowania promocyjne, giftboxy
    Pre-packaging, promotional packaging, gift boxes See details
  6. Branding marki w kategorii
    Category branding See details
  7. Optymalizacja i outsourcing produkcji
    Production optimization and outsourcing (production using all technologies and raw materials) See details

Our Clients

Check our realizations
Lubella - logo
Roca - logo
Bayer - logo
Bonduelle - logo
Bref - logo
Dulux - logo
Garage - logo
Grant's - logo
Immergas - logo
KitKat - logo
Leibniz - logo
Lion - logo
MK Cafe - logo
Morliny - logo
Nescafe - logo
Nestle Pure Life - logo
Persil - logo
Pudliszki - logo
Ruukki - logo
Smarties - logo
Soplica - logo
Topex - logo
Winiary - logo
Łowicz - logo
Tymbark - logo
Berlinki - logo
Bosch - logo
Dr.Max - logo
Durex - logo
Glenfiddich - logo
Herbapol - logo
Kasztelan - logo
Krakus - logo
Leifheit - logo
makro - logo
Monini - logo
Nałęczowianka - logo
Nesquik - logo
Paradyż - logo
Princessa - logo
Purina - logo
Siemens - logo
Somat - logo
Tefal - logo
Velvet - logo
Żubrówka - logo

Case study

  1. Giftbox for Grant's whisky
    Packaging designing Giftbox for Grands Whisky

    Client CEDC International is the largest global vodka producer. In Poland, it…

    See more
  2. krakus activation in hypermarkets
    POSM designing Krakus activation in Carrefour, Kaufland and Auchan hypermarkets

    Client: Animex Foods is the largest meat company on the Polish market.…

    See more
  3. Harnaś w nowej odsłonie
    POSM designing Harnaś

    Client Carlsberg Polska is the third-largest player in the Polish brewing industry.…

    See more
  4. Durex - projekty końcówki regału
    Rack end The rack end designs in the “intimate life” category

    Client Reckit Benciser is a company distributing in Poland such well-known brands…

    See more
  5. Persil - zabudowa paletowa
    Pallet stands Persil Against Bad Odour DISC pallet box

    Client Henkel Polska Laundry & Home Care is a division of an…

    See more
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Check our realizations

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